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"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Carl Jung.

People seek counselling for wide-ranging reasons, such as navigating through challenging situations like the loss of a loved one, undergoing life transitions, or struggling with past childhood experiences. Others may seek assistance in managing compulsive thoughts, improving interpersonal relationships, or coping with depression and anxiety. Some individuals engage in counselling as part of their journey to discover meaning in life, unlock their potential, and broaden their life's possibilities. Regardless of the motive, the chance to express one's thoughts and be heard can provide clarity and offer new perspectives on diverse situations and life experiences.

My Approach - Psychosynthesis

I employ the psychosynthesis model, a holistic therapeutic approach that integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of an individual. Originating in 1911 through the work of Italian Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, this approach sees crises as opportunities for personal growth and development, emphasizing a client's unique path to self-actualization. Unlike traditional psychoanalysis, Assagioli recognised both the depths of personal past and childhood traumas and the "higher" aspects of the human personality, fostering a more inclusive concept of humanity.


Psychosynthesis emphasizes the entirety of a person, moving beyond symptoms to explore strengths, weaknesses, and growth potential. Therapists collaborate with clients to identify their unique life purpose, assisting in skill development to achieve their goals. The therapy incorporates techniques such as visualization, meditation, and guided imagery to access deeper consciousness, fostering self-awareness and acceptance.


In essence, psychosynthesis is a person-centred therapy empowering individuals to find meaning, purpose, and fulfilment. Acknowledging spirituality and human potential for healing and change, it equips clients with tools for personal growth and development.


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