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Couple Therapy

Relationships are opportunities for growth and development; this is facilitated when the focus is on learning rather than seeking a static state of happiness. The idea of cycles of mutuality and separation, confluence and dissonance, peace, and passion implies that relationships are dynamic and ever-changing and that this is a natural part of their evolution. Power battles and intimacy are incompatible and fighting fairly can create an opportunity for compassionate understanding. By embracing the inherent ups and downs of relationships and approaching them with an open mind and heart, individuals can cultivate deeper connections with their partners and themselves.

Couples counselling is a form of therapy that aims to help couples who are experiencing problems in their relationship. The goal of couples counselling is to improve communication, strengthen the relationship, and resolve conflicts. It's important to note that therapy cannot force a couple to stay together or prevent them from separating if that is what they have decided is best for them. However, therapy can provide support and guidance as they navigate this difficult process, and can help to ensure that they are able to separate in a healthy and respectful way.

During couples counselling sessions, I will work with both partners to identify the root causes of their problems and help them develop strategies to address those issues. I will typically listen to both partners' perspectives and guide them through exercises and discussions that can help them better understand each other's feelings and needs.

Couples counselling may be beneficial for couples who are struggling with a range of issues, such as communication problems, infidelity, sexual problems, financial issues, or conflicts related to parenting. The therapy may be short-term or long-term, depending on the specific needs of the couple.

Overall, couples counselling can help couples improve their relationship, deepen their emotional connection, and learn to work together more effectively to overcome challenges.

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